I have set up this blog to express my deep love for movies of all ages. The blog’s original intention is to post reviews of the movies that I most enjoy, something in the manner of Roger Ebert’s ‘Great Movies’. I intend this to be a positive page dedicated to discussing the movies I like, rather than a negative one devoted to denigrating movies that I dislike. It is a page of personal tastes, so there may be inclusions or omissions that will surprise or displease some. However I hope that the reader will see some titles that appeal to them, and that they will enjoy reading our analysis of what makes it a good movie for me.

The page is not a commercial site or run for profit. It is one set up for my personal enjoyment, and one which I hope will give pleasure to its readers too.

I also have a Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TheMovieScreenScene/